Ragalong Ragdoll
Cat Show Winners

Our Ragalong Ragdolls consistently achieve top rankings in national and international Ragdoll cat shows.

SGC = Supreme Grand Champion
RW = Regional Winner
IW = International Winner

Ragalong Highland Laird IW RW SGC Ragalong Highland Laird
3rd Best Ragdoll Worldwide, 2016
Ragalong Lord of the Glen RW SGC Ragalong Lord of the Glen
in Canada
Ragalong Burgundy SGC
Ragalong Burgundy
Ragalong Ambrose
Ragalong Wind Drifter RW SGC
Coastal Skye
Grand Champion Ragalong Gladiator GC
Ragalong Gladiator
Ragalong Coastal Skye Ragalong
Wind Drifter
Ragalong My Pooh Bear Ragalong My Pooh Bear
Best Kitten,
All Breeds,
Can Am Show
Ragalong Africa QGC
Ragalong Africa

Seal Bicolor
Ragalong Bronc Buster RW SGC
Ragalong Bronc Buster
Ragalong Yukon Gold IW RW SGC
Ragalong Yukon Gold
Ragalong Jack Sparrow RW SGC
Ragalong Jack Sparrow
Ragalong Bandit RW SGC
Ragalong Bandit
Ragalong Cloud 9 GC
Ragalong Cloud 9
male seal bicolor
Ragalong Prince Valiant SGC
Ragalong Prince Valiant
Ragalong Dawn Stag Ragalong Dawn Stag
Ragalong Lucky Charm Ragalong Lucky Charm
Ragalong Orca Legend Ragalong Orca Legend
Ragalong Evening Star QGC
Ragalong Evening Star
Ragalong Buffalo Bill Champion
Ragalong Buffalo Bill
Ragalong Mr. Pickwick Champion
Mr. Pickwick
Ragalong Majestic Prince SGC
Ragalong Majestic Prince
2005 Show Cat
Ragalong Majestic Quest RW SGC
Ragalong Majestic Quest
2005 Show Kitten
Ragalong Starlight Haze RW SGC
Ragalong Starlight Haze
#3 Best Ragdoll Worldwide 2005
Ragalong Haida Warrior SGC
Ragalong Haida Warrior
#4 Ragdoll Alter Internationally
Supreme Grand Champion Ragalong Rainforest Prince Supreme Grand Champion
Ragalong Rainforest Prince
#1 Kitten Internationally (Grand Champion in his first show)
Ragalong Rainforest Regent SGC
Ragalong Rainforest Regent
#5 Kitten Internationally, #9 Championship Cat
RW Supreme Grand Champion Ragalong Rascal RW SGC
Ragalong Rascal
#2 Ragdoll 2001/02, #3 Regionally,
Best Seal Bicolor Internationally
Ragalong Magic Blue Genes QGC RW SGC
Ragalong Magic Blue Genes
#1 Ragdoll 2002, #3 Kitten 2002
Blue Bicolor
Ragalong Rhapsody In Blue SGC
Ragalong Rhapsody
in Blue
Ragalong High Flyer CFA Grand
Ragalong High Flyer
Ragalong Mr. Bumble Triple Grand Champion
Mr. Bumble
Ragalong Majestic Micetro RW SGC
Ragaling Majestic Micetro
Ragalong Artful Dodger Ragalong Artful Dodger
Best Kitten in Show
International Ragdoll Congress
Las Vegas
Ragalongs Cliffhanger, Blue Sympony and Sir Lancelot Ragalong Cliffhanger of Furreal
#1 Best Kitten
International Ragdoll Congress
Ragalong Blue Sympony
#5 Best Kitten, International Ragdoll Congress
Ragalong Sir Lancelot
Ragalong Ragdoll Winners

Ragalong Cats Winning BIG in China

Ragalong Ragdoll Winners

RW SGC Ragalong Lord of the Glen 2016 in China:

Ragalong Ragdoll Winners