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About Our Ragalong Ragdoll Kittens

Ragdoll kittens are born all white and gradually start getting their point colours over the first two weeks. It is sometimes a challenge to try and determine what the end colour is going to be.

Usually about this time we receive requests for kittens of a certain colour and pattern and we do our best to provide just what the customer ordered. We will go to our new litter and gaze lovingly at them and try to predict what their colour is going to be so we can let our customers know if we have just what they want.

However, Murphy's law generally prevails, and that lovely seal or blue kitten that was there one week is quite often a blue or a seal the following week. This discovery is generally accompanied by much gnashing of teeth and agonizing wails from Marilyn who now must go back and notify her customers of the "slight" change of circumstances.

There apparently are "rules" about timing of colouring coming in, for example seals are evident after the third day and blues after the fifth day or something like that, but, gee whizz, we haven't been able to master that one yet. In cases like this we will try and make a better match from another litter or see if the client is happy enough with the first choice or wants to wait for a later litter.

In any event, we will work very hard to provide the best possible kitten that best meets the wishes of our customers. We haven't had any kittens returned from any customer yet, so we seem to be muddling along o.k.

- Marilyn & Corky

Kitten Color Examples

Bicolor + Seal Point KittensBicolor + Seal Point Blue Bicolor Kittens (4 Weeks)Blue Bicolor (4 Weeks) Blue Bicolor + Seal Point KittensBlue Bicolor + Seal Point Blue Bicolor KittenBlue Bicolor
Blue Mitted KittenBlue Mitted Blue Point Kitten (5 Weeks)Blue Point (5 Weeks) Blue Point Kitten (10 Weeks)Blue Point (10 Weeks) Blue Point + Seal Point KittensBlue Point + Seal Point
Kitten Litter (4 Weeks)Litter (4 Weeks) Blue Bicolor Kitten (4 Weeks)Blue Bicolor (4 Weeks) KittenBlue Bicolor + Seal Point (4 Weeks) KittenSeal Bicolor
Seal Bicolor KittenSeal Bicolor Seal Bicolor KittenSeal Bicolor Seal Mitted (6 Weeks)Seal Mitted (6 Weeks) Seal Mitted (9 Weeks)Seal Mitted (9 Weeks)
Seal Point CSeal Point C Seal Point w/BlazeSeal Point w/Blaze Sonata Seal Point MittedSonata Seal Point Mitted Young Blue PointYoung Blue Point


Dear Marilyn,

I sure enjoyed our visit today! Thanks so much for allowing us a bit of time during your obviously very busy schedule, to view the cats, kittens and your physical set up for the business. It is very evident that your cats are much loved and an essential part of your family.

I am so excited that there will probably be a kitten for me in the near future. Just seeing your older cats, reminds me again, why I was initially so attracted to the breed. I am even more excited now!

Sorry that you were not expecting us. You dealt with our unannounced interruption very graciously. Thanks again. It was good to put a face to a name and get a feel for your business.

I realized after we left, that I forgot to take a few photos - next time I guess! Here's looking forward to seeing you again soon,

~ Kathy Carpenter