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Show Fun!!






It's Showtime!!

It's that time again! Garden City Cat Club would like to extend a warm invitation for all those in the know to join us to celebrate our Annual Show!  - The Mad Catter's Tea Party & Cake Purrade,  will be held June 23-24 2012   We look forward to seeing everyone there- it's a great opportunity rack up points!  Don't wait another minute...  ENTER NOW !   Check out the SHOW FLYER!

Our Judges

Y. Patrick AB/AB/SP

A. Rhea AB/AB/SP

L. Judge AB/AB/SP

M. Parsley AB/AB/SP

E. Hawksworth-Wietz AB/AB/SP




Early Bird closes: April 15, 2012
Entries close:
June 15, 2012





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